SEASON 2023-2024

Founded by soprano Myriam Leblanc and flautist Grégoire Jeay, the Mirabilia ensemble wants to promote mainly baroque music played on period instruments, but also sometimes explore music from older times or more contemporary arranged for our training. Mirabilia gave herself a a sufficiently broad horizon allowing it to choose and distribute a repertoire that will be able to reach the public of all backgrounds and all ages while remaining in the great sphere of the classic.

Mirabilia is also the vocal dimension brilliantly assured by a soprano at the growing reputation: Myriam Leblanc, whose talent and exceptional voice do not cease to move, lively carrying the message of the great composers of the past. Our variable geometry ensemble does not exclude the participation of other singers, but we want to keep a limited number of musicians in order to keep an aspect intimate, where each instrument and each voice speaks directly to the ear of the music lover.