“It’s like a brandy distillate, absolutely transparent … Her name is Myriam Leblanc and in my opinion she has been one of the most beautiful voices, perhaps the most beautiful, to come out of the Quebec breeding ground in the past 10 years … ”

(Christophe Huss, Saturday and nothing else, December 2020)

“The voice is the star: it is pure, crystalline and captivating for these qualities. The publication is therefore crucial for this: it draws our full attention to Myriam Leblanc as an eminent artist of the young generation of singers revealed in recent years. ”

(The Canadian, January 2021)

“She has a magnificent timbre that is very even in all registers, an agile voice that is totally correct …. It is a record of great beauty, every detail is lovingly cared for, arranged by Grégoire Jeay who is also a virtuoso flautist … very intense record if you listen to it in detail but which is in no way aggressive if you let it float in the background. ”

(Catherine Perrin, Culture Club, December 2020)

“As in most of Vivaldi’s works, those found in this album give pride of place to virtuosity, especially for the voice. And it would have been a shame if that wasn’t the case, because here Ms. Leblanc demonstrates a great mastery of her art. She appears as comfortable in the colorful highs as in the few low notes. And this feeling of mastery is found just as much in his fellow musicians who offer us such a baroque sound environment, it is to be delighted. Everything is gathered in this album to make us want to make it turn on a loop, including a production that lives up to the reputation of the house. ”

(Martin Prévost, La Pieuvre, October 2020)

“To her credit, however, the young Canadian soprano Myriam Leblanc, a graduate of McGill University and Artist-in-residence of the Atelier Lyrique de l’Opéra de Montréal, does just that in these little gems from the Vivaldi catalog. Those listeners expecting just another “bird of passage” will, I think, be quite surprised by her singing. Like the great, groundbreaking British soprano Emma Kirkby, Leblanc has all the goods — a high, pure voice with an unlimited top range, outstanding musicianship and style — but also a desire to make the words count. […] .This is singing that is almost on a par with the legendary soprano Bethany Beardslee’s interpretations of 18th-century music. ”

(Lynn René Bayley, The Art Music Lounge, October 2020)